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A photo of a Congolese woman refugee entrepreneur

Introducing Refugee Economics

My work as a freelancer has changed quite a bit over the past year. Thanks to a generous grant from the European Journalism Centre’s Innovation in Development Reporting grant programme, I’ve been able to work on a long-term project investigating the economic dimension of refugee crises. Last Spring I headed to Uganda and Kenya, which […]

Making it as a journalism graduate

Last year I was invited to speak to journalism students at my alma mater about my work and the path I’ve taken since graduating almost six years ago. This was the opportunity for me to reflect on my first few years working as a journalist, which made me want to write down some of my thoughts. I […]


Strolling the Marigny

I was in New Orleans last week (very cool place) and I kept wondering if the city was the location of a slave market. It was built, after all as a major port for trade coming up and down the Mississipi, and many New Orleans families earned their wealth and sugar cane plantations using slave labor.  Yet there […]

2014 – A year of reading

In 2013 I started reading fiction again. It is often said that the best way to learn about a country’s culture is to read its fiction, and I took this advice to heart when moving to Nairobi. The long hours spent in public transportation gave me ample time to read, even though the loud matatus blasting afropop […]


Africa’s middle class is booming. Sort of. Not really.

Last week’s media coverage of a Standard Bank report on Africa’s middle class was so poor that it further confirmed my suspicions that 1) there’s a real lack of reliable data regarding Africa’s economic situation and 2) journalists don’t read the reports they write about. Let’s look at the coverage given to the report to […]


Dispelling the myth of Africa rising

The New York Times surprises us today with yet another article desperately trying to prove the “Africa rising” rhetoric without any substantial facts or data. No, increasing car traffic and new retail outlets are not indicators that things are faring well for Africans. Nicholas Kulish’s piece is full of contradictions that have become standard in […]