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Los refugiados urbanos quedan fuera de la ayuda internacional

This article is part of my project #RefugeeEconomics. El País, 15 June 2017 — En su taller de costura, escondido en un edificio comercial del centro de Kampala, capital de Uganda, Alice (nombre ficticio) pasea entre las filas de mesas iluminadas por luces de neón, repartiendo instrucciones a unos y comprobando el trabajo de otros. […]

To save the world’s forests, protect women’s land rights

National laws and regulations in low- and middle-income countries consistently fail to protect the land rights of women living in indigenous and rural communities, making them ill-prepared to reach the targets set by the Sustainable Development Goals or the Paris Agreement on climate change, a new report called “Power and Potential” released by the Rights and […]

Looking to escape Trumpism in Canada? Think again

Canada is accepting immigrants in record numbers. We sing the praises of multiculturalism and welcome Syrian refugees with open arms. But are we strong enough to withstand the xenophobic forces seen in Europe and the US? Canada has never had to face some of the challenges that fuelled xenophobic discourses elsewhere. Its economy has been […]

5 takeaways from Canada’s 2017 aid budget

Advocates had high hopes for Canada’s aid 2017 budget. As United Nations agencies and international NGOs brace for promised cuts from the United States, some saw Canada as a candidate to fill gaps in aid funding. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s doggedly optimistic statements and open stance toward refugees bolstered the hopes. After Canada’s lead role […]

How Toronto is using its purchasing power to drive inclusive growth

TORONTO, Canada — Every year, the city of Toronto spends about CAD 1.8 billion (USD 1.35 billion) on goods and services, from large construction projects to one-off catering contracts. Now, the city wants to harness that procurement power to help raise minorities, aboriginal people, recent immigrants and people with disabilities out of poverty. Since 1 […]