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Bringing medicines to the world

An estimated 2 billion people lack access to essential medicines, most of them living in Asia and Africa, according to the World Health Organization. While progress has been made in the past three decades, thanks in part to a renewed focus placed on diseases such as HIV and AIDS, malaria and polio, much remains to be done […]

With what3words, everyone on the planet finally has an address

Even in those cities where streets have names and buildings have numbers on them, addressing systems have flaws. Couriers and postal services waste time and money chasing after hard-to-reach locations. Physical addresses can be useless when giving directions to large buildings, campuses or even city parks. And in countries like Japan, where many streets don’t […]

India’s Jugnoo is like Uber for auto rickshaws

Like billions of people around the world, urban dwellers in India cannot rely on well-planned, efficient transit systems to move around their cities. Instead, Indians who don’t own cars have relied for decades on auto rickshaws, three-wheeled motorized taxis known in other parts of the world as “tuk-tuks.” With an estimated fleet of 5 million […]

Photo du camp de Nakivale

L’Ouganda est-il l’« ami » des réfugiés ?

« Nous nous occupons des réfugiés. Pourquoi ? Car ils sont nos frères et nos sœurs. » Cette déclaration, plutôt rare de la part d’un chef d’Etat, sort pourtant de la bouche d’un président africain et non des moindres : Yoweri Museveni, continuellement réélu à la tête de l’Ouganda depuis 1986. Depuis les années 1950, ce pays d’Afrique de […]